Need an experienced applicator?

Here at LiquiMix we work with a large range of applicators to help deliver the best possible result for the success of your project.

Through our comprehensive training and technical support we are able to confidently ensure the applicators we recommend are the best in the business - experienced, qualified and trusted to deliver a successful result.

At LiquiMix we pride ourselves on having the most experienced polyurea team in Australia and New Zealand. From our Research and Development Team to Manufacturing, Sales, Technical Support and Project Managers  - we are confident in our ability to help you choose the perfect applicator for your project.

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Need an experienced applicator?

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Driven by a strong focus on quality, our highly-qualified team of chemists work to meet the changing demands of construction chemicals in civil, mining, transport, construction and marine industries.  

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As a proud Australian family-owned company, our products are manufactured by our team of specialised chemists and trained technicians using state-of-the-art equipment.

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Every product from our range has been tested and complies with the appropriate Australian standards. Quality assurance and product performance are of utmost importance.

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From our sales team through to technical support and training programs, LiquiMix strives for customer satisfaction with a focus on the highest quality results - whatever your project!  

Learn how LiquiMix can achieve results for your next project.