LiquiMix loves technology and we get super excited about advances in polyurea - product and technology. So you can imagine, we were among the first to receive the all-new Series 2 E-XP2 Reactor.

The new Graco Series 2 Reactor is the next generation of technology for Polyurea Coatings. With enhanced software and hardware, better spray peformance, plus very real advances that put money back into your business - the Reactor 2 E-XP2 ticks all the boxes.

Series 2 comes with a smaller footprint to better fit your spray rig, ergonomic design allowing easier service and advanced spray modules and QR codes for easier troubleshooting.

Graco InSite™ is a convenient mobile app designed specifically for the Series 2. It allows remote monitoring across your business, better cost control, documentation, fleet and crew management and forecasting.

Visit us to try out the Series 2, InSite™ app or just to chat about how this new technology could add value to your bottom line. We're here to help your projects succeed!


Graco Reactor EXP2
Graco Spray Equipment Reactor Applicator Gun
Graco Reactor Monitoring App InSite

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