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Coming in several grades, each suited to a particular application, LiquiMix’s Tufflon pure polyurea range is made for all heavy-duty applications. Tufflon contains no unreactive diluents, bonds strongly to damp concrete if the concrete is primed, has permanent elasticity, and has excellent chemical resistance. LiquiMix’s Tufflon range includes Tufflon-D60, Tufflon-P80, and Tufflon-P90; although their names are similar, these products are formulated for specific applications and have very different properties.

Protect your equipment with the toughest protective coating in Australia.

Tufflon-D60 has outstanding strength and proprietary adhesion promoters, which allow for better adhesion of the membrane and protect the steel from atmospheric corrosion. It has nearly 218% elongation, outstanding chemical resistance to a wide range of chemicals and solvents, and can withstand temperatures up to 120°C. With a great combination of flexibility and toughness, Tufflon-D60 accommodates movement in any substrate without cracking or debonding.

Tufflon-D60 is specifically formulated for protecting steel assets in harsh environments and steel pylons and casings in marine environments. Tufflon-D60’s impact-resistant properties make it ideal for heavy transport steel and aluminium tipper applications. It can also be used as pipeline protection for mining and gas operations, railcar linings, marine applications, and to protect steel assets against wear and corrosion. Tufflon-D60 can be applied directly to blasted steel without the need for priming.

The Tufflon-D60SL variation incorporates a slip additive that facilitates early release of bulk dry loads; it provides an extremely durable, slippery finish to allow the movement of the cargo from the trailer to its destination. Tufflon-D60SL is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including organic acids found in fruit pulp waste. Tufflon-D60SL provides an extended service life compared to other available coatings. Tippers can be primed and sprayed in one day, offering a fast return to service the next day. From a cost-effective and protective standpoint, the Tufflon Polyurea coating range is much cheaper than commonly used HDPE sheet membrane installations (oftentimes costing half as much), and it can offer much better longevity in comparison to all other protective coatings available in the industry.

Proven solution to protect Australian assets for over 20 years.

The entire range of Tufflon pure polyurea products shows high resistance to strong alkalis. Particularly, Tufflon-P80 is a two-component, spray-applied, pure polyurea elastomer coating that has the longest history of use throughout Australia and New Zealand and exhibits a seamless spray pattern when applied with the right equipment. Tufflon-P80 is the product of choice for withstanding copious amounts of pedestrian and heavy-vehicle traffic, and it is ideal for projects where you need a fast application with superior results.

Tufflon-P80, specifically, has passed AS/NZS 4020:2018 standards, which makes it the ideal product to protect water assets and pond lining. Tufflon-P80 also offers a great chemical residency, which makes it an outstanding lining solution for secondary containment bunds. Tufflon-P80 has been specified and used widely around Australia and New Zealand in caustic and fuel bunds especially in the mining sector.

Tufflon-P80's faster development of physical properties, particularly tear strength and its elastomeric properties, makes it ideal for use with geofabric on unstable substrates or where movement in the substrate is expected soon after application, such as when temperatures drop rapidly during the night. Tufflon-P80 also tolerates higher heat, up to 240°C, allowing hot asphalt to be applied directly over it for a short duration. It is the most recommended product for applications that require a fast return to service while protecting the asset for a proven 20+ years, depending on the service conditions.


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